Assaying monitors the quality of the metal throughout the refining process, determining the fineness of Gold and Silver plus Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. SRG’s assaying includes traditional fire assay as well as XRF spectrometry. All material arriving at the refinery is drilled and assayed to set procedures.


Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium can be refined separately in the refinery. Refining these precious metals, which includes scrap gold and silver and scrap jewellery, requires a chemical process that eliminates unwanted materials and purifies the output, separating valuable gold from other “waste” materials. This task is the responsibility of our Refinery. We utilize a variety of techniques to improve the quality of fine gold that is produced and delivered to the smelters. At the core, we use a proprietary version of the aqua regia technique. This method is used by most of the refiners in the world and was improved in order to meet pollution reduction and environment protection standards. Our state-of-the-art ISO Accredited refining facility and the use of cutting-edge technology, machinery and the professionalism of our employees ensure the best and most accurate service for our customers.


To complement refining, SRG also engages in its own die making. The Die Making & Minting division is equipped with cutting edge machinery and uses the latest technology to produce coins, medals, or other customized products.


We skilfully handmake moulds in order to produce virtually any shape in jewellery and castings. We design and manufacture a wide variety of unique and custom products. Customized jewellery is handcrafted on site by our talented and experienced goldsmiths and jewellers. 


Silk Route Gold (Pty) Ltd can provide, at an additional cost, secure vault storage to our customer for any items purchased. For more information contact us.